Supporting the victims and families of missing persons, endangered runaways and sexually trafficked individuals through advocacy, awareness and education.

We create and distribute detailed flyers with information and photos about the missing and are able to reach an ever-growing national audience by leveraging social, print, and television media.

Our team offers emotional support, guidance and resources to families from the time a loved one first goes missing until they are located or recovered.

By working closely with law enforcement officials, fire departments, search and rescue teams and other organizations, we are able to help families navigate through the traumatic ordeal of having a loved one go missing.

If you're going through the traumatic experience of having a loved one go missing, learn about the best practical steps you can take to increase the chances of their safe return.

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Help Missing Pieces Network continue to advocate for missing and trafficked individuals.

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Missing Pieces Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of experienced victim's advocates and volunteers.